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For each delivery, an appointment must be made by email. Wehkamp aims at sending an appointment confirmation within 24 hours (business hours), containing an ASN number. All deliveries must be accompanied by this number, together with the consignment note, packing list and appointment confirmation. The ASN number is linked to the notified packing list. With this ASN number delivery is only possible for the items that were listed on the packing list which was send with the notification.


If you have not received a confirmation after 24 hours, please do not send another notification. You can contact your Supply Chain Planner with questions.


An appointment request will only be considered if it is correct and complete.

An appointment request includes:










The Excel format is send as an attachment by your contact person. It is important that this format is used exactly and the mandatory columns are used. The mandatory columns are listed down below:


Columns A / Order number (mandatory)

The order number always starts with 12PO and is confirmed to you when purchase order is finalized. Usually this is combined with announcing the wehkamp article numbers.



Column B / Order line (mandatory, however not if column C & D or E is filled)

In column B the wehkamp order line number needs to be mentioned.


Column C / Article number (mandatory, however not if column B or E is filled)

The wehkamp article number needs to be mentioned..


Columns D / Size (mandatory together with C, however not if column B or E is filled)

The wehkamp 3-digit size needs to be mentioned. These have been announced to you when the purchase order was finalized and confirmed. Should you not know the 3-digit size code, please ask your contact person to provide you with it.


Column E / EAN:

The EAN code can be mentioned in this field. The number must correspond with the EAN of the article that is packed in the concerning box (EAN CE).Please make sure the EAN codes of your assortment are announced to your contact person in plenty of time before the delivery of the goods.

In case you articles are not provided with an EAN, then please follow above instructions and leave Column E empty.


Column F / To delivery # of items

The number of pieces of the article that are packed in the concerning box need to be mentioned in this columns. The total number of pieces of the article, mentioned on the packing list, should match per SKU exactly with the number of pieces wehkamp has ordered via the purchase order. If deviations are detected during the packaging process, please inform your contact person. Please make sure you do this well before notification of your shipment. If during notification of the shipment a positive deviation (over delivery) is found between the notified number of pieces and the wehkamp purchase order, your notification will not be accepted. The same applies to a physical over delivery, if more is delivered then notified. These pieces can not be processed and will have to be picked up by the supplier.


Column G / Pallet LPN (Not mandatory, but preferred if available as an addition to the box label):

Shoud your process allows you to work with pallet labels in combination with box labels, then wehkamp prefers to receive in addition also the pallet label. This can be mentioned in column G. Wehkamp can only process a pallet label in addition to box labels, it speeds up the process. In this case you mention both box labels AND pallet labels in the packling list. The pallet label should be unique, more information about this is found in the packaging information


Colomn H / Box LPN:

In column H you will mention the box label that you have created yourself and which corresponds with the article and number of pieces in the box. The box label consists of a barcode number which is unique within the shipment (ASN number). Please make sure that the orthography of this number matches exactly with the number on the box. For example when you use SSCC label (GS1), the leading zero’s should be mentioned but not the parenthesis. (case and punctuation sensitive).


Column I / THT (at least containable)

The date that a product is at least tenable is mentioned in column I (mandatory for food):


Save as .CSV

The packing list is saved as a .csv by following the below instructions: