2.8.2 Palletisation and containers

The same rules covering delivery on pallets, in containers, roll containers or garment rails described below shall apply to all groups.
Before being delivered to wehkamp, items or boxes of items must be sorted according to product code and size. This applies to deliveries on pallets, in containers, on garment rails and roll containers.
Products should be delivered on pallets where possible. Preference is given to deliveries on Euro pallets (120 cm x 80 cm). Pallet requirement:


The packages must be stacked on the pallet in such a way that they do not extend beyond the footprint of the pallet.
It is possible to deliver different products on one pallet/load carrier provided they have been sorted according to product code (including size) and clearly separated from each other.
Furthermore, the consignment must be sorted according to product code (and size). This means that multiple pallets bearing the same product code must be placed together in the vehicle.
In exceptional cases, other storage requirements may be discussed with your contact person. Your contact person shall make appropriate arrangements with the management of the warehouse concerned.