2. Sampling Process

For checking the quality of the ordered products we need:

  • Proto fitting samples
  • Pre-Production or photo samples
  • Final inspection reports (if agreed with QA)
  • Shipment samples


All proto samples requested by Wehkamp need to be delivered:

  • In packaging that is appropriate for mail-order dispatch.
  • With sample card including Wehkamp style name or number, composition and weight of fabric, maker name and date.
  • In the correct fabric as the order and size specification have indicated.


Samples will be judged for:

  • The construction.
  • The fitting.
  • The workmanship.
  • The composition of the material.
  • The full presence of all parts/accessories (if applicable).


Wehkamp QA will:

  • Draw up a report with his/her findings.
  • And directly sends this to the supplier or the agent with a copy to the buyer/buying assistant.
  • Only after the supplier has confirmed that all necessary changes will be carried out an article will be approved for production.


If necessary:

  • Wehkamp will have to ask for a revised sample.
  • QA will ask to check a photo sample before they approve fit of product for production. Buying always needs to see a photo sample for final approval.
  • If final inspection report doesn’t add up to our quality standards, QA will request improvements.


All bulk items must be approved by Wehkamp before starting production:

  • Bulk fabrics and test reports
  • Trims and artworks
  • Care labels and hangtags


Arrival and delivery:

Wehkamp needs well in advance written information from all articles concerning:

  • The composition of each package
  • The number identification per pack (in case an article consists of more than one package)
  • The composition and the identification of any product or packages must not be changed if at all possible, this also applies for repeat orders.
  • Whenever, compared to prior deliveries, the composition or the identification of the packs need to be changed this must be passed on to the buying department at an early date.