1. Sample procedure

All samples requested by the buyers need to be delivered:

  • In packaging that is appropriate for mail-order dispatch.
  • In packaging equal to the final delivery.
  • With the composition and the construction of the material (if applicable)


Samples will be judged for:

  • The construction,
  • The packaging,
  • The assembling instructions, (if applicable)
  • The full presence of all parts/accessories, (if applicable),
  • The composition of the material (if applicable)


The Wehkamp quality inspector will draw up:

  • A report with his/her findings
  • And directly sends this to the supplier or the agent with a copy to the buyer.
  • Only after the supplier has confirmed in writing that all necessary changes will be carried ouit an article will be taken into a closer selection procedure.


If necessary Wehkamp will have to ask for a revised sample.



Deliveries to the warehouse will always be tested for:

  • The preventive drawn up finding report
  • Compatibility with the approved packaging details and/or samples that have been established for each product. It is therefore important that you accept all requests for an (extra) packaging sample prior to delivery, in order to prevent any deliveries being rejected at a later stage.


Arrival and delivery planning:

In order to arrive at a goods-in plan that suits us and an appropriate means of dispatch Wehkamp needs well in advance written information from all articles concerning:

  • The packing method,
  • The dimensions per package,
  • The weight per package


and if applicable

  • The total number of packs (of which an article consists of)
  • The composition of each package
  • the number identification per pack (in case an article consists of more than one package)
  • The composition and the identification of any packages must not be changed if at all possible, this also applies for repeat orders.
  • Whenever, compared to prior deliveries, the composition or the identification of the packs need to be changed this must be passed on to the buying department at an early date.