Supplier Guidelines Wehkamp


Wehkamp’s mission is to make the lives of all families in the Netherlands easier and more beautiful. We can only achieve this if we collaborate with our suppliers.


On this website our suppliers can find our requirements and guidelines.  The logistical requirements for delivering to our warehouses in Zwolle (LSCZ) and Maurik (LSCM), the Wehkamp Quality Manuals (WQM) for our private label products in both Fashion and Hardware and our CSR Code of Conduct.

You can reach out to your normal contact in Wehkamp if you have any questions about the guidelines or if you see opportunities to further improve our collaboration.


The website consists of the following components:

  1. Wehkamp Quality Manual (WQM) Fashion
  2. Wehkamp Quality Manual (WQM) Hardware
    • Logistic attachment of Warehouse in Zwolle (LSCZ)
    • Logistic attachment of Warehouse in Maurik (LSCM)
    • Instructions for single sku and mixed boxes
    • Wehkamp CSR Code of Conduct
    • Handout presentations supplierday 2018




* The logistical requirements and guidelines for LSC Zwolle apply only if you agree for your contact to deliver the goods in Zwolle.