4. Testing

All materials and products must meet the Wehkamp quality requirements for physical performance, unless explicitly agreed otherwise. Only materials that will meet those standards should be offered for selection. Suppliers should help identify materials which cause a risk in its ability to meet the requirements.


(Fabric)-suppliers must test and ensure production fabrics meet the Wehkamp requirements. If there are any doubts concerning the test report, the supplier should inform Wehkamp and advice which improvements can be made. Production fabric is the actual fabric that will be used in production – in correct color and print.  In case of denim and washed fabrics tests should be carried out on washed fabric/garments. The test reports should mention all compulsory tests and their requirements as shown in the Wehkamp Quality Manual per product group. If the production fabric fails to meet the requirements, Wehkamp has the right to cancel the order without accepting any liability for fabric, trimmings and other materials and production capacity.


Wehkamp will test any product in case there is doubt regarding the product’s performance. In case a fabric or product does not meet the results in the previously approved fabric test report(s) a financial compensation might be requested. Costs of conducted tests will be part of this claim.


Compulsory tests must always be carried out. During the development process Wehkamp can request for additional tests if there are possible risks of quality issues due to the nature of the fabric or specific items on a garment. Furthermore it is essential that articles meet all requirements mentioned in the European Textile Quality Specifications.


Please contact the buyer concerned in case of any queries or doubts.