3. How to measure Instructions


In general;

  • All measurements should be taken on a smooth and hard surface. Measuring tape should be in a good condition and digits are clearly readable.
  • All measurements in size specifications are in cm’s, measured on a finished garment, flat on table.
  • All measurements are taken on the front side of the garment, unless specified otherwise.
  • Drawing is not to scale and only for measurements, not for style details.


The garment should;

  • Lay flat, free of wrinkles or creases, bunches and folds.
  • Be closed at measuring position/area, i.e. buttons, zippers, plackets and slits to be closed.
  • Not to be stretched, unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Be flattened with your hand in case of bulky items as padded or down jackets.


Different ways of measuring have to be clearly mentioned;

  • Straight/horizontal = to be measured right angled to grain line.
  • Straight/vertical = to be measured parallel to grain line.
  • Curved = measurement tape along garment edge, hem of seam.
  • Relaxed = for garments with elastic; to be measured from side edge to side edge while garment is relaxed.
  • Stretched = for garments which elastic’ are has to be stretched to achieve that fabric is relaxed and flat.
  • Edge to edge= total width independently of where the seams are positioned.


You’ll find all measurements of styling details such as artwork and print position, seams and hem height, tab and loops, tunnels, zipper and button etc. on the detail sheet on style level.


  • Neck stretch: minimum
    Not shown in drawing. Measured while stretching neck rib. This is to assure the garment can be pulled over the head comfortably when putting it on. Should be measured last to avoid inconsistency in measurements because the neck-shape may change due to the stretching.


  • HSP = Highest Shoulder Point
    Highest point at shoulder fold / neck seam, when garment laid flat on table. Not necessarily at shoulder seam.


  • CBN = Centre Back Neck / CFN = Centre Front Neck
    Central point at back / front neck seam, often at collar or neck rib attachment seam.