1. Introduction

Welcome to the Wehkamp Quality Manual Fashion (WQM Fashion).


Wehkamp B.V. is established in 1952 and from 1995 onwards we took the first steps to the online world. As of 2010 Wehkamp B.V. is one of the biggest online retail companies in the Netherlands. At Wehkamp.nl you can choose from wonderful collections of seasonal items and an extensive basic assortment.

Within Wehkamp B.V. we create and distribute several private labels fashion for women and children.” From apparel to swimwear.


We have a passion to serve our customers with goods they would also recommend to others. We therefore search for suppliers that share the same passion for quality and excellent workmanship.

Together we can let both businesses grow, your support in this is crucial.


Our customers expect a high quality standard. Comfort within fashionable styles is essential for our customer. Same as for (small) children it is crucial the garment they are wearing is comfortable and safe.

In order to achieve a high quality level, it requires cooperation across the entire supply chain. Our suppliers are playing a vital role in ensuring top quality of our products. You as a supplier have the responsibility to monitor our product from beginning till end making sure all Wehkamp and customers expectations are met.


WQM Fashion provides you, our supplier expectations and requirements regarding the production quality outcome for our private label items. WQM Fashion has been composed based on European regulations and standards and applies to all garments (also sampling) and accessories. This includes raw materials, fabrics and every type of supplement, also from external sources. We expect all of our suppliers to be familiar with international legislation and follow the WQM Fashion requirements to ensure that our customers receive their goods in a safe condition and good appearance.


In case any issue occurs during development or production that might withhold the supplier from complying with the WQM, the responsible buyer and QA employee must be informed. Production may only start when solution is found.


WQM Fashion might receive updates when needed. All updates will be visible on the Supplier Portal (www.wehkamplogistiek.nl). In case of any updates you will received an email notification.