4.1 Delivery appointment request

For each delivery, an appointment must be made with the Arrivals Planning Department; this can only be done by email. A delivery appointment will only be made upon receipt of a complete and correctly filled in packing list (see next paragraph). wehkamp reserves the right to refuse or return the consignment.

Upon  receipt of the complete and correctly filled in packing list, wehkamp will issue an appointment confirmation within 24 hours. If no objection is received within 4 hours, this will be regarded as finalised.

The confirmation note must mention: ASN number, delivery date and time, and number of packages if applicable.

N.B. you must present the ASN when reporting to the Arrivals office for shipment delivery.

  • In the event of very frequent deliveries (several times a week), there is the option to agree on a fixed delivery day/time with the Arrivals Planning Department through your contact person;