2.1.2 ‘Multiples’ item packaging delivery requirements

  • Items in an outer carton must always be individually packaged in protective packaging
  • Fashion items must be individually wrapped in a poly bag
  • Items that are stored in the automated warehouse may NOT contain clothing hangers
  • A set of two or more items (one wehkamp product code) must be packed in one package; N.B.: the packing list must be drawn up based on the wehkamp product code (one number, quantity per wehkamp product code), i.e. not based on several original suppliers’ product codes
  • If a poly bag is used, it must meet the following requirements:
  • All poly bags used for wehkamp.nl must be transparent (blank)
  • A set of two or more products (one product code) must be packed together in one poly bag. When two poly bags are used for this purpose, they must be securely taped together
  • The poly bag must have a re-sealable, self-adhesive closing strip
  • The poly bag must have at least two perforations
  • The poly bag must be sealed in such fashion that products cannot fall out of it during the operation
  • The poly bag must be of the correct size so that the product cannot move around inside it
  • The poly bag must be made of Polyethylene PE-LD-04 or Polypropylene PP-05 (minimum 50 microns)
  • The material symbol must be printed on the bag



* The minimum dimensions of an item in its protective packaging must be 2cm*2cm*2cm.


Each outer case must bear a label with a barcode. This barcode must be placed in the upper right corner of the front of the box. The instructions covering this label are in paragraph 2.6.