Appendix 1 Timing

You can use the services of Timing Value Added Services (VAS) in Dedemsvaart if you are unable to meet the packing criteria for delivery to the Zwolle warehouse. You can contact Timing VAS for a quotation; the contact details are given below. You will then become a customer of Timing and they will bill you directly.


Contact details for new customer:

Timing VAS

Timing VAS Coordinator: Agatha Boersma


Tel: +31 (0)523-234044


You must deliver your products in accordance with Timing’s delivery conditions. From then on, they will be delivered to Wehkamp, packed by size in boxes, labelled and on pallets, in line with our conditions.


Requirements for delivery of Wehkamp products to Timing



timing eng


Delivery notification:

Shipment deliveries to Timing are by appointment only. For each shipment you will need to make an appointment, which is only possible by email. A delivery request must at least include the following:

– A correctly completed packing list with PO number(s)

The products must be accompanied by a packing list specifying (among other things) quantities per size and stating your product codes (Wehkamp product code or, if known to Wehkamp, EAN or supplier number) and the PO number(s).

– A shipment reference number

– A proposed delivery date and time.

After submitting a delivery request, you will receive a response confirming the appointment or alternative proposal within four hours, taking opening hours into account.

Delivery of shipment:

Reporting in

Upon arrival, the supplier / carrier presents the consignment note and packing list at the side entrance. As soon as the driver and, where applicable, the driver’s mate enter the building, they are required to wear a safety vest and safety shoes. The driver’s first point of contact is the expedition employee.



The driver and driver’s mate are to follow the expedition employee’s instructions and help with unloading the consignment. A signature will be placed on the consignment note for receipt of the smallest stated unit (pallets/packages/items).


Deviations / rules

  • Damaged goods will not be accepted
  • Communication and dealing with quantity shortages or excesses in the shipments go through your Wehkamp contact
  • Shipments that have not been pre-announced will be refused.



You will be billed directly for the services provided by Timing.


The Timing VAS opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm; unloading of goods ceases at 4.00 pm.