2.5 Delivery requirements for specific product ranges

Fragile (e.g. lights and crockery):

Fragile items such as lights, crockery and glassware must be packed in C or BE quality corrugated cardboard boxes. Any glass elements are to be protected against breakage by using interior packing.



  • A shoe box that fits within the dimensions 55cm*34,5cm*25cm does not need to be held closed with an elastic band;
  • All products must be delivered in packaging suitable for both storage and transport to the consumer (suitable for dispatch and return);
  • Shoe boxes larger than one of the dimensions 55cm*34,5cm*25cm must be packaged in outer cases on which the wehkamp product code, EAN-13 barcode or supplier’s product code must be clearly displayed (provided they are available in the wehkamp systems; ask your contact person);
  • When stacking shoe boxes, the supplier must prevent them collapsing by proper stacking and inserting stiff sheets of carton between layers if required;
  • A roll container shall bear the box number barcode described in paragraph 2.6


Games consoles

As they are often given as presents, games consoles must be packed in neutral boxes made of BE or C quality corrugated cardboard.



As they are often given as presents and window packaging is fragile, toys requires additional packaging. Examples are toys in display (retail) packaging, open packaging and poly bags.


Supermarket and pharmacy items:

Items containing liquids should always be packed in a polybag. This polybag must not contain any holes ans must be provided with a closing strip! If the packaging is easily opened in transit, additional outer packaging must be used. If in doubt, please get in touch with your contact person.

In the case of fragile goods (glassware), see ‘Fragile’ section.

Use-by date: wehkamp only accepts goods whose use-by date matches the use-by date set down in the supplier contract. Should this condition not be met, the shipment will be refused.


Fabric items (for example stuffed animals):

These items should always be packed free from dust, for example in a polybag or carton.


New collections or product ranges

New packing instructions will be decided on and laid down in advance for new collections or assortments for which no suitable guidelines are available or specifically described here. You should consult with your contact person about this.