2.3.1 Delivery requirements for packaging of ‘big tickets’ items

These requirements apply to all items, when minimal 3 items, in its packaging, does not fit in a box of the dimensions: 55cm*34cm*25 cm.

    • Pallets/roll containers may be delivered assorted provided the items are stacked snake-wise on the pallet or in the roll container according to wehkamp product code (including size) or EAN-13
    • Each item must be individually packaged in a box;
    • – A sealed box of stackable quality, without openings
    • – As a rule, windows in packages are not accepted; however if the windows are very small, please get in touch with your contact person beforehand
    •  A set of two or more items (one wehkamp product code) must be packed in one product package; N.B.: the packing list must be drawn up based on the wehkamp product code (one number, quantity per wehkamp product code), i.e. not based on several original suppliers’ product codes
    • Each item must bear an EAN-13 barcode. If the item does not have this, the wehkamp product code or supplier’s product code (provided it is available in the wehkamp systems; ask your contact person) must be clearly displayed on the item

Examples of boxes:


Box with removable lid



American folding box



Box with lip closure

Lip closure must be taped

N.B.: in the case of shipments consisting of both ‘big tickets’ and ‘shoes and small hardware’ the shipment must be sorted according to this flow. ‘Big tickets’ and ‘shoes and small hardware’ may not be placed together on a single load carrier.