2.8.1 Delivery requirements for outer cases of ‘multiples’

    • Maximum 1 product code/size/colour (SKU) per box (see paragraph 2.1.1 for possibilities regarding mixed deliveries)
    • Each outer case must bear a label with the barcode of the box number. (See paragraph 2.6 for label and barcode instructions)
    • Items must be delivered in boxes which meet the following requirements (see table below).


The delivery requirement for the maximum weight and volume of the storage box is as follows:



De voorkeur The B box dimensions are preferred:


Quality:: To ensure protection during transport, the boxes must be made of cardboard (double-wall); sea freight calls for double-wall corrugated. Boxes must be sealed with Polypropylene tape (PP-05) or paper tape. We cannot accept the use of straps boxes sealed with adhesive as the additional handling causes delays in our process.


Packing: Products can be packed in a box in various ways. See illustration below; a combination of the examples below may also be used. Not interior packaging may be added to a box.


The box must be packed correctly in order to avoid creasing and the repair costs this gives rise to. Any loose items must be packed in a smaller box or a mixed box.