Multiples, individual packages and hanging

Delivering stock ready “multiples/individual packages/hanging”

Fit for stock deliveries to LSCZ can be divided into four groups:




























1. Provided it has been agreed that hanging delivery of this product range is permitted.

2 With items it means three identical items in their consumer packaging


Wehkamp will send you an order with a purchase order number and wehkamp product codes.
Before being delivered to wehkamp, items or boxes of items must be sorted according to product code and size.
Preference is given to deliveries on Euro pallets (120 cm x 80 cm). Maximum height incl. pallet: 220 cm. Boxes must be sealed with Polypropylene tape (PP-05) or paper tape and no void fill may be used. The use of straps or glue-sealed boxes is not accepted.


1. Goods in automated warehouse (‘multiples’)

‘Multiples’ are items that are delivered with others in a single outer case. Every item must be packed per product in a (protective) packaging. Fashion items must be packed in a transparent, reclosable poly bag. Poly bag material: Polyethylene PE-LD-04 or Polypropylene PP-05 (minimum 50 microns). Minimum dimension: 2cm*2cm*2cm. If your articles are provided with a hangtag with EAN code, please make sure that it is visible through the polybag.


A set of 2 or more items (1 wehkamp article number) must be packed into one product package. The packing list needs to be created based on the wehkamp article number.


Items delivered as multiples and which are not stored hanging, may not contain a clothing hanger. Wehkamp will communicate when it concerns hanging goods, please see the guidelines for hanging goods down below. If you have any doubts whether it concerns a non hanging or a hanging items, please contact your supply chain planner.


Multiples outer case
A box may contain only one kind of SKU. Each outer case must bear a label with the barcode of the box number. Preference is given to a B box: 40cm*30cm*40cm (L*B*H), maximum weight 15kg.


Multiples mixed box

If the item quantities per SKU lead to inefficiency in terms of packing, mixed boxes may be used. The items in the box must be delivered snake-wise according to the wehkamp product code (including size). In other words, in the order of the wehkamp product code and size. Each item must bear the wehkamp product code or EAN13 code (provided the EAN code is known in the wehkamp system).


Mixed boxes can only be processed if they contain a unique box label


2. Goods in automated warehouse ‘large’ (‘individual packages’)

Individual packages are items that are packed individually in a single box.

The items on the pallet or in the roll container may be delivered in “assorti” (mix) but must be stacked snake-wise according to the wehkamp product code (including size). Each item must bear the wehkamp product code / barcode and the outer case must bear a box number. Every item must be packed per product in a (protective) packaging. A set of 2 or more items (1 wehkamp article number) must be packed into one product package. The packing list needs to be created based on the wehkamp article number.


3. Goods in manual warehouse (‘big tickets’)

Big tickets are items whose dimensions make them too large for the automated warehouse. For example these items could be boots or large bags, when minimal 3 items, in its packaging, does not fit in a box of the dimensions: 55cm*34cm*25 cm. See comprehensive instructions regarding the packaging requirements for these items.

Big tickets do not have to be labelled with a box label.


4. Goods in hanging goods warehouse (‘hanging goods’)

In the case of hanging goods, every product must bear the wehkamp product code and size code. The items must be grouped according to wehkamp product code and size and bundled together in a plastic sleeve. Only clothes hanger models F44 and NA43 are permitted. . Hanging items do not have to be labelled with box labels.




Each load carrier, (for ‘multiples’ the outer case and for ‘individual packages’ the pallet or roll container) must bear a unique box number (and barcode). Please note that the barcode number is visible below the barcode. In this way the shipment can still be processed, in case the barcode is not scannable or damaged. At the top of the label the supplier name is mentioned.


This barcode number refers to the packing list on which is indicated the items that can be found in the box. A box number label has to be unique within a shipment (ASN number). A box number needs to consist of at least 3 positions (letters or numbers), but may not start with a J.

The number can be created at:







Supplier’s name                                                  preference: Font ARIAL Size 12/ maximum 1 line

Barcode code 128 of the pre-alerted box number (as displayed on the packing list)

Box number printed as serial number                           preference: Font ARIAL Size 9


  • Barcode type: 128B
  • Minimum height: 14 mm
  • Blank line: minimum 4 mm
  • Thickness of thinnest bar: between 0.33 and 0.51 mm


The position of the label on the box is free to decide, as long as it is visible on the pallets without re-stacking the pallet.




Should your process allows you to work with box labels in addition to pallet labels, then wehkamp preferes to also receive these. You can mention them on the packing list, please see instructions for notification of shipments. Wehkamp can only process a pallet label in addition to box labels, it speeds up the process. In this case you mention both box label AND pallet label/




  • Pallet number in barcode on the pallet
    • Barcode 128 B (equal to the barcode requirements for a box)
  • Pallet number (exactly matching the barcode) mentioned on the packing list in column G ( pallet LPN)
  • Pallet number is a unique number within a year ( throughout whole wehkamp). This means::
    • Create a label with on it your supplier number/name + pallet number (enumeration, 1,2,3,4, etc.) OR
    • Use a SSCC pallet label