4.9 Fitness

Accepted packingmethods:

Quality corrugated box (dual wave) 150 grams kraft BC golf 150 grams testliner

Weight < 10 kg     Corrugation: C-golf                                   Thickness 4.0 mm                 ECT ≥ 5.0
Weight > 10 kg     Corrugation: double B+C                         Thickness 3 + 4 mm               ECT ≥ 8.0

Articleprotection on the inside of the package

  • Components absolutely must not move in the package.
  • Because of the weight, all components must be packed firmly so that they cannot damage each other.
  • In addition, all the mounting accessories should be packed in a tightly closed poly bag or box.
  • In addition, the box must be labeled with icons that indicate the way of storage, and the maximum stack height.