4.2.1 Packaging method for assembled chairs

  • These should be packaged per piece (or in twos) in a corrugated cardboard box (Quality 2 x 150 gr. Liner “BC flute”), in such a way that the top is protected and the chairs cannot damage each other.
  • Use poly foam, polyethylene or a non-woven cover.
  • Avoid using poly foam for chairs with a matt or semi-matt varnish.
  • Specify on the outside of the packaging whether it contains a set of chairs or just one chair. The outside of the box must also display information on the substance used, such as name and colour. In addition, the box must be furnished with arrows to indicate the storage method to be used and the maximum stacking height.
  • Upon arrival it must be able to check the entire content of the pallet without additional handling. Therefore used foil must be transparant.

Figure 1, assembled chairs

figure 2, non assembled chairs