4. Testing

It is the supplier’s responsibility to be aware of the Wehkamp Quality Manual requirements for Physical Performance and ensure that only materials that will meet those standards are offered to the buying and design teams. Suppliers should identify any material or merchandise where there might be a concern over its ability to meet the requirements to the Quality Assurance Manager.


It is the responsibility of the supplier, to make sure fabrics meet the Wehkamp requirements. If there are any doubts concerning the test report, the supplier should investigate the problem.


Bulk fabric is the actual fabric that will be used in production – it’s therefore in correct color and print. In case of denim and washed fabrics tests should be carried out on washed fabric/garments. The test reports should mention all compulsory tests and their requirements as shown in the Wehkamp Quality Manual per product group.


If a material, when tested, fails to meet the requirements Wehkamp reserves the right to cancel the material and the order without accepting any liability for fabric, other raw materials and production capacity.


During development process the Quality Assurance Manager can request for additional tests if there are certain risks for quality issues due to the nature of the fabric or specific items on a garment.


Suppliers should be aware that Wehkamp will test any product where there is a hesitation regarding the product’s performance. For example if there are unusually high returns on a specific product, test may be carried out to determine the reason. This may result in a claim to the supplier if it’s proved that a fabric or product doesn’t meet the results in the previously approved fabric test report(s). Costs of conducted tests will be part of this claim.