4.2.2 Packaging method for non-assembled chairs

Boxes to use: preferably FEFCO 409



Fefco 409   weight < 10 kg



Fefco 409   weight > 10 kg

length < 1600 mm                                flute thickness 4.0 mm           ECT ≥ 5.0

Corrugation: C-golf

length > 1600 mm

Corrugation: double corrugated board, B+C flute ; thickness 3 + 4 mm      ECT ≥ 8.0

ECT = Edge Crush Test

  • The parts must be packed in the box, in such a way that they cannot damage each other.
  • Use poly foam, polyethylene or a non-woven cover.
  • Avoid using poly foam for chairs with a matt or semi-matt varnish.
  • Specify on the outside of the packaging whether it contains a set of chairs or just one chair.
  • The outside of the box must also display information on the substance used, such as name and colour.
  • In addition, the box must be furnished with arrows to indicate the storage method to be used and the maximum stacking height.
  • Additional protection must be afforded to the corners.
  • Assembly material must be packaged in such a way that it cannot damage any part of the furniture.